Welcome to our testimonials page at safeagent, where we proudly showcase feedback from our valued clients. Our professional development learning programmes are designed to enhance skills and knowledge for property managers and industry professionals. Here, you can read about the positive impact our courses have had on their careers. Join the ranks of those who have benefited from our rigorous and practical training.

Abdulwahaab Ahmad - Learner

Thoroughly enjoyed it and very comprehensive!

Pooriya Alirezaee - Learner

Great course. easy to access. Lauren and Jane are very responsive and helpful. Highly recommended.

Charles Arden - Savills (UK) Ltd

Straight forward process and simple testing process too. I would recommend.

Sharon Bertram - SB Property Orkney

The course was very easy to follow once you got to grips with the system and note taking was easy. The staff I have dealt with were great, replied to me quickly and were very helpful.

Jamie Brown - Osprey Housing

Was using the course as a refresher due to a change in role and has been very beneficial.

Philippa Cliff - Highland Rural Ltd

I think the course is really well laid out and covers lots of useful information. I did think the course would be a walk through of what I already knew, but the final testing system definitely forces you to revise and have the knowledge at your fingertips which reflects the standard of qualification and justifies the course.

Hannah Gretton - LSL

Really enjoyed the course once I understood my way around it. Very useful and informative platform, with different levels of depth, which I will be highly recommending to the rest of our business. Thank you.

Emma Webb - Savills (UK) Ltd

The Safeagent VLE was very clear and the content split up well. It made the online learning really easy to follow.

Stephen Westwood - Arrochar Properties ltd

Really enjoyed the course and felt it was extensive and challenging.

Muhammad Siddiq - Learner

This course is beneficial. It not only enables you to meet the legal requirement of having the suitable qualification but also enriches knowledge with lots of external links. It is a full package with lots of guidance with lots of useful links and material. I cannot thank you enough safeagent team for your support on the top. Special Thanks to Jane Moore :) Highly recommended and I would learn more on this platform in near future.

Sharon Travers - Martin & Co

Very clear course and user friendly Would certainly recommend.

Kevin Valentine - Stirling Property Shop

The course got me engaged in the learning and the work required in a way that other platforms were not able to. All the links and information provided were more relative than others I looked at plus the support I got from the Safeagent team was also supportive and always professional. This is a must choose for all looking for a career in the Lettings industry.

Marie Porter - 1-2-Let

Not coming from a Lettings/Property background I have found the course very interesting and informative! I’ve really enjoyed it and didn’t think I would in all honesty. I thought I would find it a real slog - but its been very enjoyable. The course work has been very well laid out and has made the study that much more manageable. Thank you.

Tim Michaelsen - AHVILLA, Global Relocating Professionals

I found the program incredibly helpful and good level of academic rigor. It superbly prepares, educates, and qualifies Property Managers and Letting Agents for their work. Invaluable and critically needed course'.

James McGrath - Mezzino

Absolutely fantastic learning experience and certainly something I have asked 5 additional members of staff to carryout and experience. Thank you very much for making available such a great learning experience.

Carley Jackson - Learner

I found learning the content this way was convenient, well played out and there was plenty of detail and links to further information if needed.

Rona Lawrie - Key Moves Wilsone & Duffus

A good, thorough course. I gained considerable knowledge which I can use in my job. The guidance from the course administrator was very helpful too. Thank you very much.