Asbestos Awareness Introduction - Online Training Course


This online course is an introduction to asbestos awareness; it is NOT an accredited course on Asbestos Safety is does not qualify the learner to work with asbestos. This course is suitable for all staff. This course applies to England, Wales & Scotland.

The course will cover:

  • Asbestos – The Hidden Killer
  • What is asbestos?
  • Examples of asbestos use
  • Asbestos kills people!
  • How does asbestos kill people
  • The devastating consequences
  • Where is the hidden killer?
  • What should you do …?
  • What if asbestos has been accidentally disturbed?
  • Can anyone work with asbestos …NO?
  • What can a trained, non-licensed contractor do …?
  • How can a contractor protect themself …?
  • CDM Regulations & HHSRS
  • A summary & Getting it wrong
  • Test your knowledge

This course is worth 2 hours of CPD.