Agents key to supporting tenancies

safeagents say there won’t be widespread evictions and arrears are lower than feared Our latest research shows that with the support of letting agents to help maintain tenancies, safeagent firms do not believe there will be widespread evictions as a result of the pandemic. In a survey of safeagent firms across England, 36% of firms […]

Changes to notice periods

Government have today announced the extension of notice periods, with certain exceptions, including anti-social behaviour and domestic violence. In cases of longer term rent arrears, if a tenant has built up a total of six months of arrears, landlords will now only be required to give four weeks’ notice. The legislation comes into force tomorrow […]

safeagent creates plan for a sustainable post COVID PRS

safeagent sets out process to support tenants struggling to pay their rent With the announcement that the eviction ban will be extended in England safeagent is setting out a plan to support tenants and landlords to ensure a sustainable post COVID Private Rented Sector (PRS). safeagent is calling for a fair and appropriate system to […]