Citizens Advice Bureau recognises the benefit of SAFEagent

CAB is the latest consumer organisation to get behind SAFEagent the mark for consumers to recognise where a lettings and management firm is covered by a Client Money Protection Scheme and know that their money is protected.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive said:

“Citizens Advice has a long history of seeking to protect the interests of tenants in the private rented sector, who are often among those who can least afford to lose money to the unscrupulous. This new mark helps steer tenants towards reputable letting agents who are properly insured. We are pleased to support it”.

Nick Cooper Chair of the SAFEagent Steering Groupsaid: “We are delighted to gain support from CAB and added to all of the other organisations supporting SAFEagent it will enable us to spread the word widely to consumers when we launch imminently to consumers . It is good to see so many organisations understanding the simple premise behind the SAFEagent logo and I would urge agents to sign up”.

How do you register for the SAFEagent mark?
The registration is very simple. You can download a form from or contact 0845 519 7992 for more information.

Details a firm will need to provide include:
• Name of the Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme the firm is signed up to
• The renewal date for the Scheme
• Confirmation of the industry organisation the firm is part of and annual renewal date

Firms will be asked to meet the Terms and Conditions of the SAFE agent mark and pay a nominal cost of £50 marketing fee per single office firm (multi-site firms pay an additional £10 per office).


For more information visit

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