SAFEagent numbers continue to grow

SAFEagent numbers continue to grow

Numbers signing up to the new SAFEagent mark have climbed to 750 since it was first launched at the end of May.

The SAFEagent initiative has been launched ‘BY the industry FOR the industry’ and promotes a simple mark for the consumer to recognise denoting letting firms that protect both landlords’ and tenants’ money through Client Money Protection (CMP) schemes.

Nick Cooper, Chair of the SAFE Steering Group said: “We are delighted that the rate of firms signing up has been so rapid and would urge all agents who are part of Client Money Protection Schemes to visit the website and register now. With the number of firms registered exceeding expectations we can now start planning our consumer launch. With the mark already recognised by a number of consumer organisations within the sector such as Shelter, Trading Standards Institute, RLA and TPOS, we will be working with them to spread the word to landlords and tenants to use an agent bearing the SAFEagent mark. Also, part of our marketing campaign will be targetted at suppliers in the industry to ensure that they understand what the SAFEagent mark means and to spread the word to their clients.”

How do you register for the SAFE mark?
The registration is very simple. You can download a form from or contact 0845 519 7992 for more information.

Details a firm will need to provide include:
• Name of the Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme the firm is signed up to
• The renewal date for the Scheme
• Confirmation of the industry organisation the firm is part of and annual renewal date

Firms will be asked to meet the Terms and Conditions of the SAFE mark and pay a nominal cost of £50 marketing fee per single office firm (multi-site firms pay an additional £10 per office).


For more information visit

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